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community supported agriculture

Taking Orders Now!

Following the model of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), we offer a flower CSA, also known as a bouquet subscription. A CSA is a great way to support local farmers by investing early in the season, helping to support the farm with upfront costs like seeds, compost, soil amendments, and other supplies. In return for your investment, you will receive fresh, beautiful flowers from our fields every week!

We grow many different varieties of specialty cut flowers, fillers and greenery, mingled together in textures, colors and scents. All our blooms are grown sustainably, without chemicals, in a field where nurturing nature through sustainable practices is top priority. The bouquets are designed with the freshest ingredients from our farm and will come to you as large, lush market bouquets, bursting with color, wrapped in craft paper. They will be delivered to a host location in the Barrington area for you to pick up on a weekly basis throughout the season. Farm pick up is also an option!

By purchasing a Bouquet Subscription, not only will you get our gorgeous flowers weekly, but you also become part of the positive change to protect the Earth, by reducing the carbon footprint of traditionally purchased flowers, which incur huge transportation, energy, refrigeration and storage costs. Also, flowers are shown to increase happiness and because the subscription lasts the entire growing season, they are great gifts!


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